Whether you have a free day, or have decided to see Israel without participating in organized tours, Israel's small size, low public transportation prices, and the excellent connection from the passenger terminal to the public transportation system are all in your favor.

Here are a few potential options:

1. Cruise or Train Ride to Old Acre – From October 2016, a regular cruise
route will take you from Haifa passenger terminal to the Old Acre Port several times a day. The trip crosses the Haifa Bay and takes 40 minutes. The schedule can be found at the passenger terminal Information Desk. After seeing the wonders of Acre, you can easily return to Haifa Port. Another convenient option is traveling by train. The trip is 30 minutes long and leaves from the Haifa Merkaz–HaShmona station, just a few minutes' walk from the terminal. The train schedule can be found at the following link:

2. Train Ride to Haifa's Spectacular Coast – Haifa's endless beaches, with pleasant sand, the blue sea and numerous restaurants, are just two train stops away from the Haifa Port and passenger terminal. Get on at the Merkaz–HaShmona station and get off at Hof HaCarmel, which is just two minutes' walk from the most beautiful beach in Israel. The trains come frequently, connecting the port to the beach in no time at all.

3. Train Ride to Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv offers tourists endless entertainment, shopping, and dining options all day, every day. The train leaves the station near the passenger terminal several times an hour, and the journey takes about 60 minutes. Depending on your plans, you can choose whether you want to disembark at Tel Aviv's Merkaz–Savidor or HaShalom station. It's sometimes hard to tear yourself away, but don't forget to leave Tel Aviv with enough time to get back to the cruise ship. The train schedule can be found at the following link: http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/HomePage.aspx

4. Ascend Mount Carmel on Israel's Only Subway – If you're staying in Haifa, the easiest and cheapest way to climb Mount Carmel is by taking the Carmelit, the only underground railway line in Israel. Paris Square is the closest station to the terminal and is just a 10 minute walk away. The Carmelit makes its journey up the mountain every 8 minutes, and the journey to the top also takes about 8 minutes. From there you can enjoy amazing views of the city and Northern Israel, check out the local zoo just outside the station, or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants, bars and cafés in the area.

5. Train Ride to Caesarea – Caesarea is also connected to Haifa Port by train. Get off at the Caesarea station, and from there public transportation or a taxi will take you to the ancient port city built by Herod. Please note that not all southbound trains stop at Caesarea, so you should check the exact times on the Israel Railways website.

6. Shopping at the Lev HaMifratz or Hutzot HaMifratz Malls – Once again you'll take the train two stops, this time eastward to the Lev HaMifratz station. A huge shopping mall with a large cinema complex awaits for you. Or stay on the train for another stop and you'll be at the large Hutzot HaMifratz open-air mall. Dozens of stores and a selection of amazing restaurants are available for a few hours of entertainment and shopping. The quickest way to get to these shopping centers is by taking the Metronit, a rapid bus transit system that operates more frequently and on set routes. A map of Metronit stations can be found at the entrance to Haifa Port, right when you exit the terminal.

Some important notes:
• The train does not operate during Shabbat – from Friday evening to Saturday evening.
• Other public transportation methods in Haifa, such as the buses and the Metronit, do operate during Shabbat.
• Highly recommended! Use the Moovit app for real-time information that recommends the best way for you to travel to your destination based on your current location, using all kinds of public transportation.