When your ship docks at Haifa Port, you'll immediately notice the passenger terminal building next to the ship.

Getting to the terminal is quick and easy, following a simple, streamlined security check.
If you've decided not to participate in any sightseeing tours, the passenger terminal at the port – which serves as an easy gateway to the city itself – awaits you.
Haifa's port terminal stands out among other terminals worldwide due to the many services it provides to the tourists who visit it. Following an extensive renovation period, the terminal – which is located in the historic old section of the Haifa Port – now offers a wide variety of services and amenities to thousands of tourists every year, including:

1. Free Wi-Fi – The terminal's Wi-Fi network is intended solely for tourists visiting the port and is completely free. Just turn on the network options on your computer or phone and you'll be connected to the entire world!

2. Duty Free – The terminal is home to a number of duty free stores with the lowest prices in Israel for all Dead Sea products and other souvenirs. If you are looking to buy such products or souvenirs, don't miss the opportunity!

3. Information Desk – The Haifa municipality and Haifa Port run fully-staffed information desks for your convenience. Here you can receive answers to all your questions, as well as maps and brochures about Haifa, and information on all the special offers you can take advantage of while roaming around the city. Additional information can be found in the Special Offers section of the website.

4. Tax Return Service – If you've purchased any goods during your stay in Israel, there's a stand next to the Duty Free shops which will refund you any tax you're owed.

5. Cafeterias – Located on the Duty Free floor and the top floor, the cafeterias are the perfect places to sit and enjoy a coffee, soft drink, pastry, or light meal.

6. NEW! Sail from Haifa to Acre! - Starting at October 2016, a boat will travel to the Old Acre Port and back a few times each day. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to take a wonderful voyage across the Haifa Bay to visit the many attractions in Acre. More information can be found at the terminal's Information Desk.

7. Taxis - are available upon exiting the terminal. The prices for each destination are clearly listed on a sign next to the waiting area.

One of the Haifa terminal's major benefits is its closeness to the downtown area. A 200-meter bridge from the terminal leads right to the heart of this bustling district. Just 5 minutes after disembarking from your ship, you can already find yourself strolling along city streets, enjoying the efficient public transportation, or exploring the dozens of shops, restaurants and pubs near the port.
Next to the bridge is the Haifa Merkaz–HaShmona train station. This central station has high-speed trains that connect the port to Acre and Nahariya in the north, and also go south towards Caesarea, Netanya, Herzliya and Tel Aviv.

• Terminal Address: 65 Ha'atzmaut Road, Haifa
• Terminal Information Desk: +972-4-8518245
• Email: terminal-hf@haifaport.co.il
• The terminal is fully accessible to all visitors with disabilities